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Solar Business Expo (SBE) | May 01 & 02, 2023


Corporate Culture

GAA culture and behaviors are put into action through our behaviors. At the center of GAA as a workplace, it is our aim to empower all colleagues to make an impact. This also includes how we interact with another and customers, the decisions we make and the behaviors we exhibit.


Global Attain Advancement is Expanding!
We are looking for a group of qualified interns to join our team. Interns will finish the internship having gained broad experience in various aspects of marketing, management, community development, sales, editing, journalism, management, web development, and graphic design.

Great achievements happen where creative thinking meets clarity of purpose. That’s why we are committed to creating a nurturing, fulfilling work environment, intended to help you develop your talent and ambitions.

We provide an enabling environment for you to reach your highest potential, surrounded by intelligent people who share your passion for self-improvement and the growth of the company.

GAA is always on the lookout for unique & talented individuals with remarkable skill sets to strengthen the company’s capabilities. We are currently looking for interns who have experience in the following fields:

▪ Administrative Assistant – (1 intern needed)
▪ Meeting Planner – (6 interns needed)
▪ Marketing/PR Associate – (4 interns needed)
▪ Business Development Representative – (3 interns needed)
▪ Graphic Designer – (2 interns needed)
▪ Web Developer/ Designer – (2 interns needed)
▪ Editor “The Eye”- (2 interns needed)
▪ Sales/ Recruitment- (5 intern’s needed)
▪ Event Team Leader – (3 interns needed)
▪ SEO/ Social Media – (2 interns needed)
▪ Journalist – (2 interns needed)
▪ Writer – (4 interns needed)

If the role you are interested is not listed in Current Vacancies, then you still may submit your CV for consideration.

How Interns Are Selected

Upon receiving your application materials, we will review your material and contact you within 48 hours by email to schedule a quick interview on the phone. Our selection rate is pretty fair. If you have the right skills, you will be selected. We also accept virtual interns in most of the positions. Therefore you can intern while in another state or country depending on the position you are applying for. We have a 3 months, 4 months or 6 months internship program. This will be discussed with you after we receive your material.

For the moment, these are all unpaid internship with great benefits. All Interns must speak English!
If you have any questions. Contact our Intern Coordinator at

Join Our Team

Submit your resume if you think you’re a good match for our team. If there is a match found between your employment background and our current needs, we will contact you regarding next steps.Otherwise, we will keep your resume and profile in our database for future opportunities.Email us at

GAA Working Groups (WGs)

The GAA Working Groups (WGs) is a volunteering platform that brings together people to collaborate and achieve a stated objective requiring their particular expertise or time. The Working Groups aimed at studying and reporting for a particular purpose under the sectors that Global Attain Advancement (GAA) operates which include, manufacturing, renewable energy, agriculture, tourism, technology, and construction.

Members of the Working Groups are chosen to focus on major areas under GAA core sectors and produce deliverables (e.g., standards track technical reports, findings recommendations, and reviews of the deliverables of other groups, and creating a report). Members are chosen base on their demonstrated accomplishments and skills to contribute to the Working Group, and each Working Group is led by one or more appointed chairs to perform the administrative functions of the group, and some participants are elected by the Working Group Members, others are appointed by the Working Group Chair.

The members are appointed for a one-year term and upon completion of its goals and achievement of its objectives, the Working Group is terminated but members are subject to reappointment if needed for other projects. Working Groups members support includes travel, accommodation, and per diem. No salary support is provided, and no overhead is allowed. GAA has established eight thematic permanent working groups that will contribute to peer exchange and learn across the partnership. Groups are as follows;

▪ Manufacturing Working Group (MWG)
▪ Agriculture Working Group (AWG)
▪ Construction Working Group (CWG)
▪ Technology Working Group (TWG)
▪ Renewable Energy Working Group (REWG)
▪ Tourism Working Group (TWG)
▪ GAA Trade Show Group (TSWG)
▪ Marketing Working Group (MWG)
▪ Research Working Group (RWG)

Get Involved

Working Groups conduct much of their work over email lists. All WG email lists are open subscription and posting, although most lists moderate posts from non-subscribers. To get involved with a working group, subscribe to the working group’s distribution list here.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about the working group and its projects, please contact us at