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Solar Business Expo (SBE) | May 01 & 02, 2023

Delegation Program

International Delegations Program (IDP)

The International Delegations Program (IDP) is designed to recruit companies for a series of international trade shows and to offer the opportunity for trade agencies, consulates, embassies, and independent delegation organizers to lead a delegation to selected exhibitions organized by us.

Join Our Official Delegation Group

We host delegations from different countries through a special program of incentives and discounts that benefit the companies and the event represented. We implement a targeted promotion and recruitment strategy in our market to pre-qualified companies and lead a delegation of a minimum of 10 to selected trade shows in the Middle East, Africa, North America, Asia, and Europe.

Our delegation group enjoys benefits and significant advantages including:

  • Assistance from our delegation leader to create your own trade show agenda.
  • Discounted registration
  • Assistance in your language
  • Hotel booking assistance.
  • Visa support in your country (if necessary)
  • Brand recognition of your company
  • Exclusive international delegate functions

Leading a Delegation to Our Exhibitions

Our International Delegations Program (IDP) is offered as a formal program that provides many benefits for delegation leaders and their delegation members to our selected exhibitions.

Benefits for delegations include.

  • Discounted rates for delegates
  • Promotion and marketing support
  • Targeted recruitment support
  • Hotel booking assistance.
  • Online tools to facilitate registration and manage your delegation.
  • Technical and logistic support
  • Links to your website and promotion of your organization
  • Customized service to your VIP’s needs
  • Exclusively international delegate functions
  • Delegation leader guide
  • Promotional brochures and electronic templates to assist in recruitment efforts.