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Solar Business Expo (SBE) | May 01 & 02, 2023

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Global partnerships

As a global business what we do doesn’t happen without the support of many people and organisations from around the world. We have harnessed a wide global network of representative agents, government alliances and a database of more than four million professionals, all of which make it easier for us to bring people together and accelerate business through face-to-face events.

Our focus goes beyond benefiting participating companies, we also look at our impact on the economy in the locations where we work. The critical mass of people that attend our events creates a fantastic opportunity for local businesses. Whether in hospitality, transport or tourism the economic knock-on effect of our events can be huge, so we partner with local businesses to help them take advantage of the opportunity our events represent, while also providing in-demand services for our guests.

Entities we partner with









Government and trade promotion agencies we partner with

GAA Business Network

GAA Business Network consists of our networking groups designed to bring credible people together to meet peers, exchange knowledge, discuss issues, share project(s) information, create linkages, network and built relationships.

Our Core Groups

  •  Manufacturers Club International (MCI)
  • International Investors Group (IIG)
  • Africa Business Group (ABG)
  • Africa Platinum Business Club (APBC)
  • Renewable Energy Entrepreneurs Group (REEG)
  • Construction & Infrastructure Business Group (CIBUG)
  • Properties Owners & Facility Managers Group (POFAMAG)
  • The Solar Energy Platinum Club (TSEPC)
  • GAA Golf Club (GGC)

The above groups are powered by GAA and are part of the GAA Business Network. For more information’s or if interested in joining any of the above groups, please reach out to

Agent Network

We have a wide network of agents around the globe selling our events. To know more about us, please contact us.